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DJI’s Matrice 300 Has a Whopping 55 Minutes of Flight Time, Special Features for Inspection and More

On the professional drone front, the M300 represents a significant step up from the M200 V2.

One of its biggest upgrades is an impressive 55 minutes of flight time (the M200 V2 has 38). The improved flight time edges the M300 a little closer to the 70 minute flight time on Impossible Aerospace’s public safety drone, the Impossible US-1. This is probably a conscious move, since DJI is positioning the M300 to compete directly with IA and other public safety-focused drones.

In addition to a longer flight time, the new Matrice can support up to three payloads at once. It’s compatible with the two new Zenmuse H20 cameras, both of which have optical and thermal sensors, making it a good option for a variety of commercial applications.


Over the last few years, the Matrice 200 series has become a go-to option for commercial and public safety operators who want something tougher and higher-end than a prosumer model without a huge price tag.

The M300 takes this popular commercial platform and upgrades just about everything.

Flight time, payload capability, and sense and avoid technology are all much more robust in the new Matrice, not to mention that it’s tougher (we have a list of its toughness-related features below) and comes with application-specific features to support both public safety and inspection use cases.

M300 Key Specs & Features

  • Price: About $8,800 (M200 V2 costs about $6,700)

  • Max Flight Time: 55 minutes (M200 V2 has 38 minutes)

  • Obstacle Avoidance: Six obstacle avoidance sensors for improved safety while flying (M200 V2 has three sensors)

  • Transmission Range: 9.3 miles (M200 V2 range is 5 miles)

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