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New Feature: Community/Email System

We have been working on a solution to allowing our community and website customers to send emails to their residents and subscribers from within their website. Many customers were tired of having to pay extra for mailchimp, constant contact, etc. As of today we are now able to offer a new upgraded mail system on all of our hosted websites.

Using a customized mailing plugin for WordPress, you can set all new articles to automatically email out to your subscribers. You can collect emails using custom forms on the front page of your community or business website, or you can import up to 10,000 email addresses that you already have on file.

Custom Templates

Netix Solutions can then design a email template that matches your community or business. After this, your email will be on auto pilot. And you can cancel those expensive services you are currently using for email.

Auto Unsubscribe and Bounced Emails

We have also built in great features like a bounce handler, that takes care of emails that never arrive. For instance, if a user has a full email box, or they continually delete your emails without reading them, our system will notate that and remove them from the list.  Users can also unsubscribed from your list by simply clicking a link in their email. This greatly reduces the complaints about you emails.

Stats and Tracking

Each email you send out will now show you detailed stats about who opened the email, when, what they clicked, which links are popular, who unsubscribed, and more!

Email Newsletter Editor

Drag-and-drop email designer within WordPressCreate regular email newslettersCreate automated email notifications of new blog posts.Create automated email notifications of new blog posts by categoriesCreate automated welcome emailsCreate automated user role-based emailsSchedule emails to send laterPersonalize with subscriber dataUse custom post typesEmail templates offered

Forms Editor

Drag-and-drop form builder within WordPress to collect emailsForm shortcode for posts and pagesFrame forms to get signups on other sites

Statistics & Reporting

See opens, clicks and unsubscribes for each newsletterCreate segments of subscribers by users that opened, clicked on a link, or didn’t open your newsletterCreate segments of subscribers by users that clicked on a specific link in your newsletterTrack campaigns with Google Analytics

Reputation Management

Bounce management (clean your list by removing invalid email addresses)

Learn More and Get This Service

If you are interested in this service, please let us know

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